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Find a Tuning methodology training activity that meets your interests and needs.

The Tuning Academy provides a wide range of staff development in the area of higher education modernisation with emphasis on the design and development of comparable and compatible degree programmes.

Cómo diseñar un curso/asignatura centrado en el aprendizaje por resultados: fecha comienzo 17 Octubre 2016; pre-inscripción online hasta 20 Septiembre. Más información aquí

The themes of the courses are closely related to the lines of the Tuning Methodology including: competence-based approaches and student-centred organisation of educational processes; competence development and assessment; workload and ECTS; approaches to learning, teaching, and assessment; and the role of quality enhancement in the educational process.

Staff development is also aimed at the developing of criteria or reference points for common curricula on the basis of agreed competences and learning outcomes, as well as cycle level descriptors for different subject areas. The experts of the Academy provide subject-specific support to universities and academics for enhancing the design and delivery of programmes.

Tailored courses may arise from the general need of a particular group of academics and management to design a successful and distinctive comparable and compatible programme(s), or from a specific need, for example, to design joint degree(s) in order to internationalise the educational process. Courses can also include seminars and workshops on important educational and HE strategic issues, in-house seminars/workshops tailored to needs, and individual advice where required.

Staff development is based on the Tuning approach to the work in Subject Area Groups so participants can share ideas and best practices, as well as learn from colleagues and speakers. Activities are interactive and include the participation of expert(s) and presentation of recent case studies. They are provided in different forms, and supported by a wide range of modern technological approaches and techniques, including blended and distance learning, where appropriate.

To receive further information on trainings, please write to dita@deusto.es

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